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languagengine is a highly customizable drop-in solution for enabling natural, conversational voice control in any app.

Think Her, but without the sad ending!

What can I do with LE?

Because languagengine is a generic tool for voice control, you can customize the vocabulary that it uses to understand your users. This means you can tailor their experience to be completely natural.

languagengine's conversational design makes it easy for you to create apps that you talk with rather than at. This lets users interact in more natural, complex ways that feel more like talking to a person than to a machine.

How does LE work?

languagengine uses cutting edge syntactic and semantic theory to interpret user input. Unlike other systems, LE actually tries to understand what a user is saying, rather than just looking for keywords.

After interpreting what the user has said, languagengine issues commands to your app. If the input was a question, such as did anyone reply to my tweet?, LE will query your app for the appropriate information to respond. If the input was a command, such as respond to that, LE will determine what actions it needs to take to execute that command.

languagengine can even handle complex commands such as save any new replies for later then read my timeline without any extra programming. This is because LE comes with a built-in vocabulary for core function words like the, any, and then.

How can I get LE?

languagengine isn't available to developers yet. It'll be ready when it's ready, but we're working on getting out to you ASAP. If you've signed up to get emails from us, we'll let you know as soon as there's news.

How can I learn even more?

Check out our paper, Dependent Types for Pragmatics! It outlines the theoretical core that's behind languagengine's meaning representations.

You can also join us in #languagengine on irc.freenode.net.